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Winner of best Director and best Playwright at the "Ephraim Kishon Israeli comedy festival"

A theatrical piece about a father who is actually a child, and his two daughters. A fantastical autobiographical show where fiction, humor and sorrow are the substance of everyday life. Nachmi Dreamer, 74-years-old, a controversial social media influencer, a rebel, a widower, a lonely man who dreams of becoming a writer is the hero of the show. Through his many writings, personal diary snippets, failed plays and fantastic pieces of prose that had never seen the light of day, the audience is exposed to a funny, sad and absurd chain of existential moments. These are both touching and distressing at the same time.

Nachmi is played by a 14-year-old boy, while the two sisters are played by themselves, Anat and Nurit Dreamer. Together they seek to reveal the experience of growing up with a single parent, who never actually behaved as a father. A child, helpless, mischievous and without limits.
Through this fascinating personal family story, the creators raise questions about the relationship between loss, madness, theater and love.

Created by:  Anat Dreamer and Nurit Dreamer
Actors: Anat Dreamer, Nurit Dreamer, Amir Meyuhas
Stage Design: Shir Senior
Lighting Design: Ofer Laufer
Stage Manager: Liron Barchat
Creative Consultant: Iftach Leibovic
Produced by: Incubator Theater

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